Christian Formation Week (continued)

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Contributed by Elvie Manalansan

Date: October 1, 2017Posted by: Marionette Martinez

Second Day-Reaching Out

Catechesis for partner community. One way to enflesh this year’s CF week celebration theme was to reach out and engage partner communities in applicable school activities. A total of 15 mothers from Kaisahan ng mga Anak at Magulang na may Kapansanan (KAISAKA), a Malate parish-based organization that caters to children with special needs, attended a catechetical session in the Campus Ministry Office. The activity was facilitated by Sr. Joannie Bolusay, SPC, Pastoral Minister of SPU Manila.

This was immediately followed by “Paularo,” a series of local games facilitated by the Academic Non-Teaching Staff (ANTS). To cap the in-campus activity, a boodle feast was shared by the mothers, CF Team, ANTS, non-teaching personnel, and selected Senior High School students.

Simultaneous with this activity was the Campus Ministry Outreach Seminar with the Navotas National High School. There were 25 4th year high school students from said school who were given basic orientation on youth ministry. The orientation was held in the San Jose de Navotas Parish. The activity’s objective was to know the basics on how to organize a campus ministry office in a public school. Five Paulinian Liturgical Animators, together with Mr. Carlos Evangelista, Assistant Campus Minister, facilitated the activity.

Third Day-Catechetical Session

Spiritual Warfare and the Moral Life of Christians. This session was a continuation of the first spiritual warfare session held on March 6, 2017. It was again facilitated by Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo, the official exorcist of the Diocese of Cubao. The second session was attended by 41 lay administrators, faculty members, academic non-teaching staff, selected students, and a few non-academic personnel.

During the session, Fr. Zerrudo presented the four works of evil: 1) Demonic infestation, such as the use of unblessed sacramental objects like rosary, medallion, etc. These should be properly and rightfully blessed using the Church’s prayer and blessings. 2) Vexation, where demons afflict the physical body of a person. A person may experience prolonged illness, but the cause remains undetermined after so many medical procedures conducted on him/her. 3) Obsession, which pertains to mental disturbances being experienced by a person. Drug addicts who experience hallucinations are truly encountering demons. 4) Possession, which means that the devil or other spiritual entities are internally occupying one’s body and mind.

Fr. Zerrudo shared that intuition makes a person become more sensitive, and sensitive people are more likely to easily get possessed. Between a child and an adult, it is the child who is more sensitive; between a man and a woman, it is the woman. Further, he told the participants that when someone is becoming sensitive of the presence of such entities, he/she should not be afraid and should not entertain the idea; instead, he should pray hard, live the Christian life, and never use unblessed sacramental objects.